Our Team

RTC Portfolio

The RTC Team has launched four buy-and-build platforms and completed over 30 acquisitions.  The team is actively acquiring on three platforms and has one fully realized investment.

Active Platforms

The Ardurra Group

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Ardurra is a multidisciplinary civil infrastructure design engineering firm focused on Water/Wastewater and Public Works. The Company has 30+ offices across the West, Central, South, and Eastern regions.

Ardurra continues to grow rapidly through involvement in major projects and strategic acquisitions that have expanded its resources, capabilities and geographic reach. In 2021 it was ranked #190 on the ENR 500, as well as a Zweig Hot Firm and Best Firm to Work. 


Lumina Vision Partners

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Lumina Vision Partners is an acquisitive growth platform focused on the optical retail and optometry industry. Lumina partners with independent practitioners to help them maximize the value of their business asset, while easing their administrative burden, improving work/life balance and often supporting transition planning. 

Lumina creates value for both Doctors and eye care consumers by helping to centralize and professionalize the administrative, non-medical functions of the business. This allows Doctors to focus on delivering the best patient care possible, improves the retail options and customer experience for patients, and creates value for all stakeholders. 

Realized Investments

Anser Advisory

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Anser Advisory is a national capital program and project advisory firm offering solutions to public and private sector clients implementing capital projects and programs. The consulting services it provides cover the entire lifecycle of capital development starting with early-stage organizational readiness and delivery strategy through managing the tactical execution of projects.