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Investment focus and approach

RTC Partners is a private investment firm that specializes in building middle market growth platforms. Together with management partners, we build market leading companies through a combination of acquisitive and organic growth, while establishing highly professionalized corporate infrastructures that are capable of scaling organizations to the next level. Our strategies focus on high-growth niches of professional, business and healthcare services industries. Our team has successfully completed over 50 transactions since 2017.

To capture these opportunities, we use a focused investment approach:

Thesis Driven

Thesis Driven.jpg

We develop an in-depth thesis for delivering significant risk-adjusted returns, before launching any new strategy. Key elements include:

  • Identify under-appreciated sources of value

  • Develop differentiated sourcing strategy

  • Clear path to accelerate growth and increase profitability

Growth Focused

Growth focused.jpg

We identify high-growth opportunities, where strong organizations are well-positioned to take advantage of favorable market fundamentals. We look for:

  • Sustainable industry tailwinds with multiple avenues for growth 

  • Favorable market dynamics: high fragmentation, capacity to differentiate service and advantages to specialization

  • Defensible market position, recurring revenue streams and strong competitive advantages

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Collaborative Partners

Proven Approach

Screenshot 2018-08-25 12.26.06.png

We partner with proven management teams that are dedicated to building market-leading, high-performance organizations: 

  • Our ambitious management teams keep "skin in the game"

  • Our Operations Team collaborates to help management accelerate and realize their ambitions

  • Our Finance and Deal teams enable continued expansion

We apply a proven approach to value creation:

  • Salesforce structuring and support to drive organic growth

  • Fiscal policy and reporting to enable effective financial management 

  • Differentiated integration strategy to accelerate value creation

  • Develop and strengthen backbone (finance, marketing, IT) to facilitate growth

Human Capital 


We put people first, with a focus on attracting, enabling and retaining top talent:

  • Empower management and employees with a voice and clear path for development

  • Focus on training and career advancement

  • Win the war for talent

Investment criteria

Company size

  • Enterprise Value: $1M to $100M

  • EBITDA: $0.5M to $15M

  • No size limitations for bolt-ons

Transaction structure

  • Control investments

  • Sellers roll a portion of purchase price into equity in the go-forward entity


  • Professional, Business and Healthcare Services industries

  • North America focus

Business model

  • Defensible market position and sustainable competitive advantages

  • Multiple avenues for growth

  • Stable, recurring cash flows

  • High capital conversion

  • Favorable industry dynamics

Management team

  • Management team with a proven track record

  • Willingness to invest behind strategy

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