RTC Partners is a growth private equity fund focused on long-term value creation. Our approach, resources and network enable us to effectively partner with management to drive strategies that create sustainable growth and enable operational excellence. We seek management teams that are interested in professionalizing, optimizing and growing their operations while remaining closely involved in the business.

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Private Capital


Our investor base includes senior executives, entrepreneurs, and seasoned investors who have decades of experience working with both public and privately-held businesses across a wide range of industries

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We strive to alleviate challenges entrepreneur-owned businesses often face; depending on the situation, we can structure transactions to provide capital for growth, liquidity to owners, and equity participation for key employees excited about our growth strategy

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Hands On


We believe in working closely with our portfolio companies to drive value. Our active involvement includes (i) developing a strategic direction and roadmap, (ii) optimizing pricing, business development, and costs, (iii) M&A advisory, and more

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We leverage learnings and resources across our investments to help each company implement best practices and build sustainable value

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Investment Size


We target $5M to $25M equity checks while reserving funds for follow-ons

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We are sector agnostic and are looking to invest in the U.S.


Prioritizing long-term, sustainable growth strategies

Aligning interests of management with business success

Leveraging our depth of experience to implement best practices

Accelerating growth organically as well as through strategic M&A

Efficient execution

Strategic & Operational Expertise

Strategic direction and roadmap

New market opportunities

Operational efficiency

Corporate governance

M&A strategy

Salesforce effectiveness

Marketing strategy

Procurement excellence

Pricing optimization